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What is forex Cashback?

Forex cashback is a payment rebated to traders for every trade executed. Cashback providers refer traders to brokers and share the rebates they earn from every trade executed by the client. Our service is completely FREE. When you open your Forex trading account (or connect an existing one) through us, your broker commits to paying us a rebate for every trade. From our side, we commit to paying you back the majority of the rebate that you can withdraw at any time. By using our cashback services, you’re reducing your trading costs and increasing your profitability.

Sounds simple? doesn’t it? and it is also completely FREE!

Start getting paid back for your trades today. Sign up now.

  • Xpress Cashback represents the most reliable brokers in financial markets that we have already tested on our own.
  • We pay you back – Get rebates up to 90% from your spread for each trade!
  • Broker Comparison: Choose any broker that fits your needs. 
  • We do not charge additional fees; our services are absolutely free!
Connect an
Existing account

Do you already have an EXISTING ACCOUNT with one of our partners? We`ve got you covered. 

  • Most forex brokers accept moves between direct and under Cashback Providers, so you still can get rebates for your existing trading account.
  • This process is very easy, fast and straightforward. 

In order to start receiving cashback on your existing account, please follow the procedure:

  • 1. Sign Up for a free account with us to get Cashback/Rebate 
  • 2. Log In to your XCB portal
  • 3. Create a new sub account with your broker.
  • 4. Add your existing trading account in our portal
  • 5. We send you an approval email on receipt of the confirmation from your broker.
  • 6. Start earning!