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What is Rebate Cashback in Forex trading?

With Xpress cashback, traders receive a rebate on their trades. Providers of cashback services connect investors with brokers and split the commissions they receive from trades with the investors. The majority of brokers now use this model.

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There are a number of different ways in which clients can receive their Forex refunds. The consumer can request monthly withdrawals of their rebates from the rebate provider. The refund is deposited into the trader’s account on a daily basis.

How are forex rebates paid?

Providers’ accepted payment methods may vary. For instance, Xpress cashback (XCB) serves its thousands of customers across a variety of different countries by providing services in multiple distinct languages.

  • Monthly Cashback:

By the twelfth of the month following the month in which rebates are received, payments are immediately credited and sent.

  • Spread or commission reduction:

Reduced commission and/or spreads are given to the trader. Leading brokers like FP Markets and some other partners provide this fascinating alternative for their clients.

  • Paid direct to brokerage account:

Cash rebates are paid out to traders immediately into their brokerage accounts anywhere from one to seven business days after a trade has been closed. Many of the best brokers, such as GMI Markets or XM, provide this service.

Bank wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller or Cryptos are all acceptable payment methods for the Monthly Cashback option. Bank Wire transfers were a form of payment that incurs a cost.

Is it safe to work via a forex rebates provider?

Yes, 100%. Suppliers are not able to and do not have direct access to any forex trading account.

The Rebate provider is unable to view any of the actions you take on your trading system (MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, etc.), including market orders, stop loss adjustments, position closes, etc.

In most cases, the only information a rebate provider will have access to is your identity, trading account number, or possibly some of your trading histories with your forex broker.

Advantages of Rebate Cashback in Forex trading:

Rebate Cashback in Forex trading is a great way to save money on your trading activity if you stick to the regulations and don’t let cashback alter your trading strategy. Some benefits of utilizing forex rebates are listed below.

  1. Each time you engage in trading, you will reap the benefits. Whether you either win or lose, you’ll still receive rebates. It is likely that if you’re a day trader, as is popular amongst forex traders, you make several deals per day. 

Forex cashback is automatically deposited into your Xpress Cashback  dashboard in conjunction with the commission payments you make to your broker.

  1. Forex cashback boosts profits. Rebates can help you recover from a losing streak. With a forex rebate, an average trader might be 30% more profitable annually. (based on trades)
  2. In addition to the zero cost of participation, increased refunds are a natural byproduct of the increased trading volume. Our innovative royalty structure built within our forex reward program is designed to get you to execute more trades.


Simply any forex trader can benefit from rebates, and serious forex traders really must. In addition to being risk-free and cost-free, it also features a zero-cost entry. 

You have come to the right website if you are looking for information on forex rebates. Make an account with us now and you’ll be eligible for the best discounts available.

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